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Here's what other graduates say about their transformation

Feeling grateful! These fun methods were the beginning of an exciting adventure of discovery—that lifted a kind of veil, revealing a whole new language of pleasure and relating that had been in my body... all along.
Nina Marie
United Kingdom
"My main finding in this training was the direct link between experienced sensations and deep relational patterns. It's like a fun, pleasurable Sherlock Holmes path. So much vital information for life expanding options. Especially the combination of theory, bodywork, nervous system and attachment theory makes the knowledge so liberating personally."
Janne Milton
"What attracted me is a combination of the following things: simplicity via the hands, focus on sexual/life force pleasure energy, and the neuroscience with it. That combination is just so much me, it felt like finding a soulmate in approach. It's the unique combination of theoretical and practical that nourishes both the academic in me and the practical energy body worker."
Jonathan Beger

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