Somatic Consent Upgrade for Individuals, Couples & Intimacy Professionals

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There is much confusion in our world about touch, affection, pleasure and sexuality.

I guide you into deep self-awareness to discover your unique expression.

You’ll learn how to choose, communicate, connect, receive & give with ease.

The door is there and the key to clarity, deeply relaxed confidence and energy is (literally!) in your hands – the key to transform your life, from the bedroom to the boardroom.

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What you will get:

  • Physical and emotional embodiment

  • Clarity of mind and impacable communication

  • Feeling joyful, vibrant, passionate, creative and alive

  • Ease in accessing affection, touch and connection

  • Ability to know and express your desires

  • Personal empowerment and Eros transformation

  • A safe and confidential space

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